The Conference Secretariat has pre-booked a number of hotel rooms in Tallinn. Rooms with special prices can be booked alongside with registration to the Conference. If you contact the hotels directly, the special prices do not apply.

To ensure that you have a room at the hotel at the preferred rate and at the preferred travelling distance, it is necessary to book your room as early as possible. Most hotels end their discounts 1-2 months before the event, please take this into account. There are several other events taking place in Tallinn during the same period, so you may have to pay a higher rate and/or stay at another hotel.

The hotels with special prices include a range from a hostel to a five-star hotel: the Tallink Spa and Tallink Express hotels, Radisson Blu Sky Hotel, Go Hotel Shnelli, Economy Hotel, Fat Margaret's Hostel and Ibis Hotel

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