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See the participant information letter here (it was also sent to all participants via e-mail).

The conference on-site registration fee is 140€.

Thursday, January 16th 
Pre-conference: Children’s culture and literacy. Visits to museums and libraries in Tallinn. Dinner at the Estonian Children's Literature Center (address: Pikk 73)

Event includes guided tour in Tallinn Old Town and visits in groups to different institutions with children`s culture and literacy programs. Choice will be made by participants during online registration. The event will finish with introducing the Estonian Children's Literature Center's work and light dinner.

Price 25€ includes guided tour, tickets and the welcome reception.

Maximum number of participants is 100.

Friday, January 17th
Visiting schools implementing integration approach in Tallinn.

Visits to different education institutions will be arranged in groups. Participants will learn integration practice, meet students and teachers.

Price 10€ will include group guide and school visit costs.

Friday, January 17th 
Conference opening and reception.

Conference opening will start at sunset in the Glass Hall of the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds (address: Narva maantee 95; ENTRANCE B) with the picturesque view to Tallinn Gulf and Old Town. Greetings and Plenary speech will be presented, entertainment and buffet dinner provided.

Conference opening and reception is included in conference fee.

Saturday, January 18th
The Conference Venue is Tallinn University (address: Narva rd. 27)

Creative Evening
All delegates in the 4th Baltic Sea Conference  in Literacy are warmly welcome to join the Creative Evening event on Saturday, January 18, 2020 in the Mare Building Atrium Hall, Tallinn University. The event takes place 18.00-21.00.

Let`s have some creative fun!

We kindly ask you to participate on Creative Event on Saturday, January, 18, 2020 from 6 pm till 9 pm at the conference venue at Tallinn University, Mare atrium.
At the end of the first day of presentations, the conference attenders will have the opportunity to relax, enjoy and spend time together in Creative Event singing, playing music and expressing yourself in visual arts or movements. In the Creative Event we offer for you the stage for music and the field for expressions on visual arts. Everyone is free to create and have fun according to their national traditions and / or personal artistic beliefs.
Everyone can bring along musical instruments, and we also have some available – piano, violin, guitar. Any kind of performances – prepared or improvised, solo, duo, team  – are warmly welcome. Different joined musical adventures – singing together, playing games with music and songs – are the core of that evening. They can be something national, some children rhymes-songs-dances or some contemporary performances about finding a common language.
For the visual art part of this evening, we will provide a field to draw, paint and make different collages to express your accumulated impressions. All participants will have the opportunity to choose between creation alone him/herself or doing it together. There is also the opportunity to swap genres and commute between musical self-expression and visual art according to everyone's wishes and situation in the soul. At the end of the Creative Event, we have made a large panel that vividly expresses the wishes and aspirations of the participants in the language of visual art, and remembering that will help us to meet the challenges of everyday life. All the necessary visual art tools are on site. Participants are welcome to bring their familiar and handy tools that do not need water or dirty clothes. Exotic and / or archaic tools are particularly welcome.
Playing music in the background and creating a picture with music is extra fun! Come along and contribute to the success of the evening by representing yourself and your culture!

Participation in the Creative Event is free. Soup and national dessert Kohuke will be served during the evening. There will a bar where you can buy drinks in cash and by card.
You are welcome to bring your national snacks and sweets for sharing.

Come and join us!

Sincerely inviting you to a Creative Event

Kadi Lukanenok, conference committee, EstRA board

Maria Jürimäe, conference committee, EstRA board


Sunday, January 19th
The Conference Venue is Tallinn University (address: Narva rd. 27)

Farewell dinner

Price 25 € includes festive dinner and entertainment at Olde Hansa restaurant (address: Vana turg 1) where visitors will find themselves in 15th century by everything they see, hear, taste or touch.

Maximum number of participants is 200.

Monday, January 20th
Post-conference tour: study visit. The meeting point is Mere puiestee 5 in front of the Russian Cultural Center

Excursion to education institutions and sightseeing in Ida-Virumaa, Narva

Price 35€ includes transfer, guided tour in Ida-Virumaa and Narva, visits to education institutions to be choosed during conference. Open air coffee break at Valaste waterfall, box lunch, dinner at Narva castle.

Preliminary plan
8.00 departure from Tallinn
10-10.20 coffee break at Valaste waterfall
10.20-Guided bus tour to Narva via Narva Jõesuu
12.30 -15.00 Study visits in groups, box lunch (Estonian Language House, Tartu University Narva College (, Narva Old Town School ( ), Narva Kindergarten Päikene (
15.00-16.30 Guided tour in Narva
16.30-17.30 Narva Hermann Castle Guided tour
17.30-19.00 dinner Restoran Rondeel
19.00 Departure to Tallinn
23.00 Arrival to Tallinn

Maximum number of participants is 150.

Half-day excursion to education institutions and sightseeing in Paide
Price 25€
Maximum number of participants is 30.

8.15   – Departure from Tallinn
10.30 – 11.00 Coffee break at Paide Ajakeskus Wittenstein
11.00 – 12.00 Time-travel in Ajakeskus (
12.00 – 13.00 Guided cultural walk in Paide - „Writer Hermann Hesse and Paide”
13.10 – 13.45 Lunch
14.00 – 14.30 Study visit to Paide Hillar Hanssoo Elementary School
14.45 – Departure from Paide
16.15 – Arrival to Tallinn 

Half-day excursion to education institutions and sightseeing in Maardu
Price 20€
Maximum number of participants is 30.

8.30 departure from Tallinn
9.45 arrival to Maardu Gymnasium
9.50 - 10.35 Overview of the management of education in Maardu city, Maardu Gymnasium and Kallavere School - focusing on teaching Estonian as the national language in foreign language schools
10.35-10.55 walk to the Kellamäe language immersion building
10.55-11.40 visiting language immersion lessons of grades 1-5 
11.40- 12.30 lunch at the school's cafeteria and coffee with discussion and reflection
12.30 sightseeing bus tour 
14.30 arrival to Tallinn  

Tuesday, January 21st
Post-conference: Participants introducing their culture and language in schools and kindergartens of Tallinn

Included in the conference fee.