School visits

Here is a list of school visits both on January 17 and January 21. Please register below!
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The meeting point for all school visits is at the chosen school! 

Institution Duration of visit Address Homepage
Tallinna Kunstigümnaasium/ Tallinn Arts Highschool Both days 9:00-14:00 Kopli 102a, 11711 Tallinn
Gaia Kool/ Gaia School January 17 10:00-12:30
January 21 10:00-12:30
A. Weizenbergi 20, 10150 Tallinn
Avatud Kool/ Open School Both days 9:00-11:00 Aru 10, 10317 Tallinn
Rahvusvaheline kool /International School of Estonia January 17 8:45-12:45 Juhkentali 18, 10132 Tallinn
Eesti Keele maja/ Estonian Language House January 17 10:00-12:00

Rävala 5 (6nd floor), 10143 Tallinn
Tallinna Virmalise Lasteaed/ Tallinna Virmalise Kindergarten Both days 9:30 Videviku 14, 10131 Tallinn
Tallinna Endla Lasteaed/ Tallinna Endla Kindergarten January 17 10:00-12:00
January 21 9:15-11:15
Endla 21, 10122 Tallinn
Tallinna Südalinna Kool/ Tallinn Sydalinn School January 17 13:00-15:15
January 21 TBA
Liivalaia 23, 10118 Tallinn

Tallinna Kunstigümnaasium is a district school in fast-developing Northern Tallinn. The school focuses on teaching students with different cultural backgrounds and mother tongues on the primary and secondary school level, and on the high school level allows the students to choose between focusing on design, architecture or media. Language immersion program at the school has been in use for 10 years and during recent years also Estonian-Russian dual immersion and Estonian-English partial immersion classes have been opened. The school focuses on its base values - creativity, cooperation and openness and offers students various opportunities to design their own studies - choosing lessons of interest, project day topics, math groups in certain classes, etc.

Gaia Youth and School in Estonia works with children from 7-12 years. Each year a new 1st class starts, so today there are classes 1-6, and in 6 years there will be a full gymnasium of 12 years. The main site is in Tallinn with ca 80 children and there are four other locations in Estonia with a total of 120 students. Gaia Education’s whole-school approach enhances the environmental performance of schools as institutions, and promotes integrated governance, and stakeholder and community involvement by imparting the values and tools that today’s children and youth will need to build and maintain more sustainable societies.

Avatud Kool is a dual-language immersion school. This is our 3rd school year, we first opened in 2017. At the moment we have grades 1-4 and 210 students. We would like to give our students educatoion which takes account of students' needs. For that we have project-based learning, dual-language immersion (Estonian and Russian) and we use Second Step program to learn social-emotional skills.

International School of Estonia is a small and caring school. We are dedicated to supporting the development of the whole child and fostering the joy of learning. The school offers education to children aged 3 to 19. Our curriculum is based on the programs of International Baccalaureate Organization and taught in English. We have served over 50 nationalities in our school's 20 year history. We celebrate diversity in our student body and staff. We are a globally engaged community.

Estonian Language Houses offer various language learning possibilities: language courses , tandem studies, language cafés, digital learning, Estonian language and culture clubs, earning aid.An Estonian Language House helps to discover Estonian culture and supports studies of Estonian.

Tallinna Virmalise Kindergarten is municipality funded organisation. This kindergarten is situated in the center of Tallinn. We have four groups and 92 children between ages 2-7. Our staff includes 14 teachers and 2 management leaders. In autumn of 2019 we celebrated our 66th birthday. In Virmalise Kindergarten we highly value outdoor learning and environmental education. We take part of ECO school programm. We are influenced by child-led and project based learning approach.

Tallinn Endla Kindergarten was opened on in 1952 and is situated in the centre of Tallinn on Endla street. The kindergarten got 65 years pre-school educational experiences. There are 4 groups in the kindergarten: one of them is for children up to 3 years old and 3 other groups are for children over 3 years of age. Altogether there are 95 children in our kindergarten. Working language in kindergarten is Estonian. There are 10 teachers, including teacher of music and teacher of gymnastics. Tallinn Endla Kindergarten helps to prepare children for school and in cooperation with parents it carries out development, up-bringing and education of children, taking into consideration specific features of each child, interests and principles of family education.

Since 2013, our school has been named Tallinna Südalinna Kool (Tallinn Sydalinna School). In 2016 we celebrated our school’s 50th birthday as it was opened in 1966. Since fall of 2015, the school became a Basic School (students are 7-15 years old) with 373 students in 17 class sets. In fall 2017 we had about 440 students and 30 teachers. Our school is a public school and learning in our school takes place in Estonian. We have a beautiful and renovated building in the city center.