Jeroen Clemens  Digital literacy in the curriculum: a special role for the Language teacher?
Marie Ernestová Evolving literacy standards in English: language domains, rise of the vernacular and challenges for EFL speakers
Kestutis Kaminskas   Challenge for the state‘s education system: literacy as an important integration precondition of children coming back home from the emigration

Hülya Kartal

Co-author: Ömür Sadioğlu

Behiç Ak and Pat Cartoon School
Maire Kebbinau Co-authors: Tatjana Baum-Valgma, Laura Komp  Õppevara tugi teises keeles õppimisel

Triinu Kärbla

Co-authors: Krista Uibu, Mairi Männamaa

Promoting students’ vocabulary and text comprehension skills with explicit comprehension strategy teaching
Anneli Laamann Developing literacy skills and habits in early years
Heikki Lyytinen Early identification and prevention ofcompromised acquisition of the basic reading skill
David Mallows   Literacy as supply and demand

Anneli Paulus

Co-author: Marika Padrik

Bilingual Students with Special Educational Needs – a Challenge for the Teachers
Petra Potočnik  Development of Slovenian National Network for Literacy and Reading Culture, Chapter Two
Hanna Ragnarsdóttir and Kriselle Lou Suson Jónsdóttir  Building Empowering Multilingual Learning Communities in Icelandic Preschools
Elena Romanicheva  Как научить читать новостной текст: приемы и алгоритмы
Jesper Sehested  Children spend less time on reading. But what about those, who never get started?
Ann-Sofie Selin Assessment results digitalised, effects for teaching

Anna Stavicka

Co-authors: Indra Odiņa, Olga Skvorcova

Fostering Global Awareness: the Case of International Students Enrolled in Latvian Higher Education Programmes
Christina Sturm    Book Pirates: The challenges and possibilities of non-profit bilingual picture books
Silvija Tretjakova Reading Promotion in Latvia as an Integration Project for National Minority Schools and Latvian Diaspora Centres
Riikka Tuohimetsä   How to make it easier to read?

Renate Valtin

Co-authors: Greg Brooks, Tiziana Mascia, Ilva Skulte, Irina Tomaševič

The Initial teaching of literacy across Europe

NEW Lithuanian and English in Lithuania

Initial teaching of readin and writing in Italy

Early Reading Teaching in Latvia




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